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See you in 2021!

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 Listen to scary stories and have fun with other spooky activities!

Free for all ages. Check back soon for more info!

Costume Contest


More information coming soon

Scavenger Craft

Movie Lounge

Last Year's Scary Night


How scary is the Children's Storytime?

The Children's Story Hour consists of tales featuring Halloween icons. The stories themselves are not meant to be terrifying to a younger audience. The urban legends told upstairs by our very own Grim Reaper are meant for a much older crowd.

Past titles included:

Skeleton Hiccups, Bonaparte Falls Apart, Big Pumpkin, and more.

Are costumes allowed?

Yes, we love dressing up so why not join us too!


Do you have older costumes in like-new condition? Ask Amy about our costume swap. Coming soon!

Do I have to be there exactly at 6pm until 8pm?

Join in the fun when you are available. Some events do take place on schedule.

Do you have more questions about Scary Night?

Thank you!

Illustrated Skulls knocking their teeth
See you in 2021!
Illustrated Skulls knocking their teeth