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From the Stacks - June 2022
I would like to take a moment to explain to the community why the Library District has
not made any grand public announcements or released the information that it has been
accused of hiding. It is important to understand that just because a report is generated
using funds from taxpayers dollars, it does not make all information in the report
available to the public. Idaho State law specifically defines what can and cannot be
released as a public record. Because the request pertains to a personnel issue, the
basis for the partial denial is that certain portions are exempt from disclosure under the
following statutory exemptions:
Idaho Code section 74-106(1):
Except as provided in this subsection, all personnel records of a current or former
public official other than the public official’s public service or employment history,
classification, pay grade and step, longevity, gross salary and salary history,
including bonuses, severance packages, other compensation or vouchered and
unvouchered expenses for which reimbursement was paid, status, workplace
and employing agency. All other personnel information relating to a public
employee or applicant including, but not limited to, information regarding sex,
race, marital status, birth date, home address and telephone number, social
security number, driver’s license number, applications, testing and scoring
materials, grievances, correspondence and performance evaluations, shall not
be disclosed to the public without the employee’s or applicant’s written consent.
Idaho Code section 74-112 provides that:
public record contains material which is not exempt from disclosure as well as
material which is exempt from disclosure, the public agency or independent
public body corporate and politic shall, upon receipt of a request for disclosure,
separate the exempt and nonexempt material and make the nonexempt material
available for examination, provided that a denial of a request to copy nonexempt
material in a public record shall not be based upon the fact that such nonexempt
material is contained in the same public record as the exempt material.
The Library District is being advised by counsel in this matter and takes both the
allegations and their potential remedies seriously. I hope that this helps alleviate some
Happy Reading,
Kimber Glidden, Director